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About Super Delicious

“Super-Delicious” was founded by Assaf Cohen, an amateur cook from Jerusalem, Israel and is designed to provide the desire to write and the curiosity about food.

For years people have asked me recipes for all kind of events etc. And after I realized I send the same recipe into different people, and I have a lot of interesting and delicious recipes that I invented or upgraded, I decided it is time to combine all the recipes into one site.

For the avoidance of doubt, all the site’s features are genuine. In other words you will likely find recipes here that you know (for example: pasta tomato sauce are hard to reinvent), or recipes that appear on other sites, but I tried to give each recipe a personal interpretation in order to have a delicious recipe.

My influences recipes (that’s what I love to make and eat) come mainly from the Asian cuisines, Italian and French. So most recipes will be in its spirit. There will be, of course, recipes from all countries and ethnic groups and tastes.