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A selection of exquisite meat recipes. Long-cooking dishes recipes, quick cooking recipes with photos and of course lots and lots of good flavors.

Mushrooms stuffed with meat

פטריות ממולאות בשר

Mushrooms stuffed with meat is the perfect meat appetizer for any meal. They are super easy to make, full of great flavors, look great and overall are very impressive! Mushrooms stuffed with meat is also a great dish for any buffaet menu, or when you have guests at short notice or any festive occasion!

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Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon

כדורי בשר עם תרד ברוטב פטריות ולימון

Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon is a wonderful, creative and tasty dish. Chopped spinach medallions are a great fit with the meat mix and the lemon gives a twist with the mushrooms in beef sauce complemented the flavors pure fun. Simple, fun and of course.....Super delicious!

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This Spanish paella dish is a particularly festive classic consisting of rice, vegetables and delicious meats - seasoned with fine saffron. The original paella is made with seafood and white meats - but we will find the version tailored to the kosher kitchen. This is a great dish that fills up to 5-6 persons family! Originally paella requires saffron seasoning. Saffron is one of the rarest and most expensive spice in the world - so there's saffron substitute for those who manage to find it.

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Beef Bourguignon

ביף בורגיניון

Beef Bourguignon is a French dish of beef cooked in red wine for several hours with root vegetables. Beef Bourguignon is actually proof that you can also prepare delicious meat dishes with less desirable cuts of meat, you can prepare it with goulash or shoulder - but the recommended and most delicious meat to prepare it with is muscle. Beef Bourguignon is suitable for cold winter days, and the days you want to eat a tasty dish - and easily. Note that, since most of the broth is wine - try a dry red wine that is of the highest class as possible. Believe me - it will be worthwhile.

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Shepherd’s Pie

פאי רועים

Shepherd's Pie is a traditional, tasty and filling Irish pie. Previously, there were shepherds out in the Irish field - and for lunch they prepared a pie filled with whatever they found in the field and so came to the world stage the famous and super delicious shepherds pie. When it comes to this dish, there is no need for fancy plating, simply place on the table, hand out the spoons and try to grab something before its all finished!

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Entrecote Salad

סלט אנטריקוט

Have you got some nice pieces of entrecote but aren't in the mood to get the fire going on the grill outside? Take the entrecote and place it in a salad! Yes yes, entrecote salad is very rich in flavor, healthy and of course super-delicious!

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Homemade burger

המבורגר ביתי

Everyone knows that the hamburger is one of the favorite foods of the world. The problem is that most people eat their hamburgers outside, without knowing what quality the meat is and what else they put inside. Due to the fact that hamburgers are made from minced meat, it is very important to take care when making the burgers. It's so simple and easy to prepare. True, a good juicy burger is prepared with fine minced lamb or entrecote - but these are not always available. Here you have a recipe for a hamburger you can make with regular ground meat you buy at the supermarket and usually would have at home.

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Osh Shula – risotto Bukhari

אוש שולה - ריזוטו בוכרי

This is the Bukharian equivalent of risotto. It is less known in the Bukharian community which mainly boasts foods like Aosh-pelao and Goz'gz'h - but no fear – Shula is equally as tasty! This is a stew of chicken gizzards with round rice, tomatoes, lots of cilantro and lots of lemon. A celebration of flavors. A great dish, tasty and filling! This dish does take a few hours to simmer - Take your time and won’t be sorry.

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The perfect steak – entrecote steak

The perfect steak – entrecote steak

Preparing the perfect steak is not difficult - it just takes a lot of patience and precision. A good entrecote steak is only turned once, season with coarse salt and ground black pepper and nothing else. Then you can add sauces - but not when grilling. The preferred level of a grilled steak is medium - and even medium -rare. It remains juicy on in the inside and nicely grilled on the outside! When talking about entrecote steaks, we are referring only to high quality, unprocessed and smoked entrecote. It should be approximately an inch and a half in order to sit on the fire comfortably!

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Noodles and meat pie – meat Kugel

פשטידת אטריות ובשר

Okay, so this is not a crazy hot Kugel – it is instead the sweet seller in synagogues on shabbat. But noodles and meat pie is almost like little noodle cakes with meat. It is really delicious - and a little spicy. Do we really need anything else in life?

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