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Garlic Confit

שום קונפי

I bet you never knew that garlic could be so delicious! Garlic confit is garlic that is cooked with oil and becomes tender and super delicious. You can do a lot of things with garlic confit - it can be used for casseroles, salads and even spread on a slice of bread!

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Bedouin Wrap

רול בדואי

This "Bedouin style" tortilla is used as a first course or a tasty little snack on the side. I like to fill the Bedouin wraps with cream cheese (30% fat). For those who choose, you may use white cheese or a "less fat" cheese.

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Challah for Shabbat


There's nothing like a good Challah for Shabbat. It goes well with all the food from Shabbat table. Nothing beats Challah for Shabbat, apart from homemade Challah for Shabbat. You can’t beat that amazing small of freshly baked Challah roaming through the house. Here is a recipe given to me by a good friend - his mother regularly makes this Challah recipe for Shabbat. I tried it myself and it came out awesome. Here is the recipe…

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Rice – Instructions for Perfect Rice

אורז מושלם מוכן אחד אחד

Are you tired of your rice coming out sticky? Have all the so called “tips” driven you insane? Here are, once and for all, instructions for making the perfect rice. Soft rice, tasty, non-sticky and not hard! The perfect ratio for this rice is 1 2/3 a cup of rice with 1 cup of boiling water - and use a wooden spoon only!

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When guests arrive - there's nothing nicer than filling your guests appetite. Nachos is a tasty snack and very easy to prepare and always succeed. Its upgrade options are endless - so let your imagination flow.

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Shakshuka with Kabanos sausage

Shakshuka is a classic Mediterranean dish of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and onions that are cooked together. Here I present to you the recipe with an easy upgrade of Kabanos sausage that adds great flavor to the shakshouka and make it a real celebration.

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Home Fries

הום פרייז

Home fries are the crowning dish in any pub or self-respecting burger dish. These more seasoned potatoes – crispy, creamy and sweet, should upgrade any meal.  

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Sushi project – how to make sushi?

סושי מוכן

Sushi is the most controversial food out there. Some might say that this is much ado about nothing, and some will say it is very tasty. One thing they all agree - it's considerably expensive. I think that the price is based on the hype and buzz more than anything else! Sushi is really tasty, healthy and nutritious - but is considered a luxury food.

But once you learn how to make sushi at home - the price of a sushi roll outside will be that much more annoying! So I picked up the gauntlet and I post you my sushi project. Here I give a recipe for sushi - step by step, in order to make sushi like champions. In this article I will give you a basic sushi recipe - that is a regular roll, and then I'll occasionally upgrade with tempura, inside out, Japanese omelettes etc. So please, follow along and you will find great recipes for sushi - that is actually not difficult at all to make!

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Granola can be used as a guest for any healthy breakfast, a snack between meals or an energy snack. It is also a great dish that can be prepared in advance and saved for when needed. I give you one healthy, easy to make and super delicious recipe – Granola!

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Banana Milkshake

Are you hot? Bored? Do you have a banana on the way out? Banana milkshake - that's what's your missing out on right now!

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