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A selection of sauces for pasta and other dishes. Dips for dipping and all easy to prepare and with pictures.

Teriyaki Sauce

רוטב טריאקי (צילום: דניאל יחזקאל)

We've made sushi, we've made some great variations of sushi - but all you serve it with is soya sauce or wassabi? OK so you added spicy mayonnaise - but what about Teriyaki Sauce!? Leave the ready made stuff at the store - I give you a great, home made Teriyaki Sauce Courtesy of Daniel Ezekiel sushi chef.

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Cream sauce with cheese and roasted peppers

This great sauce is a combination of cream, cheese, roasted peppers and spices. It is an excellent sauce for gnocchi, ravioli or pasta such as fettuccine. Like any cream sauce, the sauce will be ready in a short amount of time. It is recommended to start cooking the pasta and the sauce simultaneously, in order to make sure that the pasta is ready approximately the same time as the sauce!

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רוטב סלסה

Organizing a small event? Friends coming over to watch the game? Here is a spicy salsa (not very spicy!) And very tasty and easy to prepare - and sure better than any purchased salad dip that God knows what is included in them.

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Broccoli Cream

רוטב שמנת ברוקולי

Broccoli cream is a cream based sauce with blanched broccoli heads. Like all cream sauces - broccoli cream sauce is rich, smooth and great for fettuccine pasta! It is super easy to make and super-delicious! Due to the fact that this sauce doesn't take too long to make, it is advised to put the pasta in the water as soon as you've finished blanching the broccoli.

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Olive oil and herbs sauce

ניוקי פטריות ברוטב שמן זית ועשבי תיבול

This great sauce of olive oil and herbs is spicy and delicious. It is best served with gnocchi or wider pasta and highly recommended with homemade mushroom gnocchi. The sauce is recommended to start preparing them for 2 minutes before gnocchi or pasta is ready - it is very quick to make and will be ready to pour straight into hot pasta right from the pot.

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Cream sauce and Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke with cream sauce is a wonderful sauce for all the wide based pasta like fettuccine or pappardelle and of course potato gnocchi. Jerusalem artichokes have a delicate flavor and great texture with cream and a touch of lemon juice - it's so delicious!

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Cauliflower cream sauce and lemon

רוטב שמנת כרובית ולימון

For those who love pasta sauces based on cream, will love this sauce! This sauce is very rich, full of flavors and of course very tasty. The cauliflower cream sauce and lemon should be served with fettuccine type pasta, tagliatelle and Farfalle. It is recommended to put water for the pasta at the beginning of the process – due to the fact that the water takes time to boil and the sauce is ready pretty quickly. If you start cooking together - the sauce will be ready moments before the pasta!

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Pasta with Cajun chicken

פסטה עם עוף קייג'ון

Cajun is in fact a mixture of spices that comes from the area of ​​New Orleans and has mostly good things (paprika powder, onion and garlic, thyme and oregano, etc.) that can be purchased in the supermarket or spices stores - its slightly spicy, very tasty, and does wonders to chicken. Pasta with Cajun chicken is a wonderfully rich pasta dish with lots of spices and peppers - after you’ve made this dish, you’ll find yourself thinking how you’ve had anything else up until this day! For those who keep kosher: There is cream in this recipe - I made the recipe with substitutions (soy milk cream) and the result was excellent.

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Tartar Sauce with a Kick

רוטב טרטר

Tartar sauce is excellent for use as a dip for vegetables, fish, schnitzel and more. The main use of tartar sauce is an accompaniment to traditional fish and chips. It’s quick to make and very tasty. I used peppers in this sauce in order to give it a bit of a kick! Enjoy!

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Spicy tomato and mushrooms sauce

פנה עם רוטב עגבניות ופטריות חריף

This is a great sauce for pasta and especially for those who love it spicy! This pasta sauce combines mushrooms and tomatoes - and the subtle spiciness comes from chili and chopped garlic. Excellent for people who want to refresh their pasta and surprise the taste buds. Best served with penne type pasta. Because the sauce is ready pretty quickly - you may want to start preparing it after placing the pasta into the water - so the sauce will be ready with pasta.

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