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Want to make sushi ?! Here are a variety of sushi with specific instructions and just how to make a lots of sushi types, rolls, Inside-out, sandwiches, nigiri, tempura and more. more then that – you will find in this section sauces like spicy mayonnaise sushi, teriyaki and more.

Inside Out Sushi Sandwich

סנדוויץ' סושי אינסיידאאוט

Inside Out Sushi Sandwich is just like an original sushi sandwich, but the opposite - that the rice is on the outside and the seaweed with the extras are on the inside. The inside out sushi sandwich is fun and delicious! Making a sandwich inside out requires a little more skill than regular sushi or sandwich sushi. Follow the instructions carefully and you will succeed.

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After meeting Nigiri - rice patties with an extra on the top - I'm honored to introduce your children to the opposite - Onigiri. Onigiri is basically a rice patty - with the extras on the inside. The onigiri is delicious and surprising (the extras on the inside are hidden!...) easy to prepare, looks great on your sushi platter and ofcourse, super delicious! You need special boxes to make the Origi which can be bought on ebay for a couple of bucks. It is also possible to make them without the boxes - however, its slightly less comfortable.

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Teriyaki Sauce

רוטב טריאקי (צילום: דניאל יחזקאל)

We've made sushi, we've made some great variations of sushi - but all you serve it with is soya sauce or wassabi? OK so you added spicy mayonnaise - but what about Teriyaki Sauce!? Leave the ready made stuff at the store - I give you a great, home made Teriyaki Sauce Courtesy of Daniel Ezekiel sushi chef.

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Sushi Sandwich

סנדוויץ' סושי

Sushi sandwich is a nice and convenient way to make sushi. I think that the sushi sandwich is way easier to make and a lot way more fun than the original sushi roll. Anyway - here is an impressive way with which you can make your sushi sandwich and serve it alongside the rest of the sushi on the tray!

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Japanese omelet – tamago

חביתה יפנית - טמאגו בתוך סושי

Japanese omelet called tamago is soft and sweet. It requires a little skill to make it - but if you follow the instructions you will perfect the Japanese omelet. Tamago is sometimes put in sushi but is also delicious on its own.

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Nigiri sushi is the easiest type of sushi to make. Easier than preparing sandwich sushi, easier then preparing regular sushi rolls and is considered prestigious because it looks good and unique. Nigiri ("hold" in the original language) is a rice patty with smoked salmon on it or fresh salmon or avocado slices or Tamago (Japanese Omelet) - wrapped in nori seaweed strip. Easy, simple and impressive!

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Sushi Topped with Tempura and bits of Panko

סושי בציפוי טמפורה עם פירורי פאנקו

Tempura sushi is actually a standard roll sushi - crispy and delicious. It’s as easy to prepare as ordinary sushi – you won’t understand why they take so much money in restaurants...

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Inside Out Sushi

סושי אינסייד אאוט

Inside out sushi is just like regular sushi, just in reverse. That is – seaweed on the inside and rice on the outside. In fact, it’s all the same, just the serving is more special. Sushi inside out is not complicated to prepare - but it requires a bit more skill than regular sushi. Do not be discouraged if you squeeze it out the first time - the second time it will come out perfect. For those who have never made sushi before in their life - I recommend to start with a regular sushi and only then do the inside out sushi.

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Sushi project – how to make sushi?

סושי מוכן

Sushi is the most controversial food out there. Some might say that this is much ado about nothing, and some will say it is very tasty. One thing they all agree - it's considerably expensive. I think that the price is based on the hype and buzz more than anything else! Sushi is really tasty, healthy and nutritious - but is considered a luxury food.

But once you learn how to make sushi at home - the price of a sushi roll outside will be that much more annoying! So I picked up the gauntlet and I post you my sushi project. Here I give a recipe for sushi - step by step, in order to make sushi like champions. In this article I will give you a basic sushi recipe - that is a regular roll, and then I'll occasionally upgrade with tempura, inside out, Japanese omelettes etc. So please, follow along and you will find great recipes for sushi - that is actually not difficult at all to make!

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Spicy Mayonnaise

ספייסי מיונז

Spicy mayonnaise is pretty much as it says on the box…spicy flavored mayonnaise, generally served alongside sushi. Spicy mayonnaise dip is very delicious and adds a lot to sushi – for those who have grown tired of soy sauce and wants to diversify their dips a little. In order to prepare spicy mayonnaise, I used hot pepper sauce – can be bought in any 7/11.

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