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חזה עוף בטמפורה בציפוי שבבי פאנקו
Tampura and Panco Coating

Chicken Nuggets with Tempura

Chicken Nuggets with Tempura

By June 9, 2015

Here is a quick and simple recipe for chicken schnitzel, coated in tempura and panco “chips”! Panco “chips” are actually soft coarse bread crumbs and give fried chicken an amazing crispiness and tastes great. This dish is so tasty that you won’t be able to stop eating them, until they just disappear from the plate.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes



  • Prepare the tempura: Stir (with a whisk) in a large bowl, the flour, cornstarch, proteins, baking soda, water and spices.
  • Clean the chicken from any left-over fat and left over bones.
  • Slice the chicken into half cm thick slices.
  • Put all the chicken and tempura in a bowl and mix with your hands until everything is completely coated.
  • Prepare a bowl of panko “chips”.
  • Remove the coated chicken piece after piece - roll them until they are coated in panko from all directions.
  • Heat oil and deep fry until the chicken is golden.

Remove them onto paper towels.

It’s ready!

You now have wonderful crispy chicken nuggets. Serve with sweet and sour sauce or sweet chili.



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    This is a lovely recipe, your pictures look fab I’ve pinned 😀

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