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Coca Cola Chicken

Coca Cola Chicken

By August 19, 2015

Chicken is one of the most beautiful raw materials for cooking that one can find - because of its neutral taste. As a result - almost any dressing/sauce works. So after giving you a beer chicken recipe – here is another chicken recipe with a different drink - chicken in Coke. Chicken in Coke is sweet, crisp and delicious. Like all chicken recipes - it is easy to make and does not require too much sophistication. You can use your favorite type of soda - as long as it's not a diet (as we all know diet drinks are not suitable for cooking and break down in the heat). So if you want to surprise yourself and your guests with a sweet and delicious chicken recipe – here you go…

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 1h 15 min
  • Allergens :



  • Pour the soda into a bowl.
  • Add the honey, ketchup and garlic.
  • Stir gently so as not to produce too much foam - until ketchup and honey have dissolved.
  • Arrange the chicken in a dish with a border (Pyrex will do the job).
  • Pour the mixture over the chicken – so it is literally swimming in it.
  • Place in a preheated oven of 390 Fahrenheit for at least an hour and a quarter.
  • Every 20 minutes - open the oven and use a spoon to pour the sauce over the chicken generously and continue cooking.

There you have it, chicken in cola, enjoy!

Serve with potatoes or white rice.

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