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Homemade donuts

Homemade donuts

By December 3, 2015

The doughnut is the star of Hanukkah. No matter how much some delicious pancakes are made - they have no chance against the soft and juicy donut. This is an ancient recipe handed down from my great grandmother and onwards - it is so simple and so delicious. So when my mother was not looking - I stole it from her and made them myself - and here, just for you a recipe for the best homemade donuts for Hanukkah.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 35 donuts



  • Put all ingredients in a bowl - except oil, jam and powdered sugar.
  • Put in your hands until a nice unified and sticky mixture is formed.
  • In a deep saucepan, heat some oil.
  • When the oil is boiling - take two teaspoons. One spoon with the mixture and with the second spoon - oil and gently toss it.
  • Sauté for 3 minutes until donuts becomes brown on one side - turn and fry on the other side until brown.
  • Remove to a bowl with paper towels.
  • After we made all the donuts - wait a few minutes for them to cool down.
  • Inject jam with a syringe (ideally this would be a jam without pieces). If the jam is too thick – make it a bit lighter by placing in it a little boiling water and stirring.
  • Sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

and there you have it, perfect homemade Hannukah donuts....

Happy Hannukah




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  1. I found the recipe for the homemade donuts, looks easy and great, but what is Tamarisk and where can I buy it? Please help I would really love to make this for Hanukkah this year

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