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ביצים ממולאות טונה
Eggs filled with tuna

Eggs filled with tuna

Eggs filled with tuna

By December 17, 2015

Eggs filled with tuna are a great first dish, very attractive, easy to make and super delicious. You can serve this dish for as a light dinner with a side salad or as an extra on the buffet table. You can make the eggs ahead of time along with the tuna mix (a day before is fine) and then just fill them up right before serving.



  • Place the eggs in a pan and then the water. Add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of vinegar
  • Bring to a boil, lower the flame to a medium-low and cook for another 15 minutes
  • Cool the eggs down and then peel them
  • With the help of a wet knife - slice the eggs into halves (the wet knife helps the egg yolk from not falling apart during the slice)
  • Empty out the yolks (yellow part!)
  • Place the tuna, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a bowl
  • With the help of a fork - mix and mash the ingredients
  • Take each egg half and with your hands or a spoon - fill it up! (for those who have - Put the mixture into a pastry bag and drizzle out a beautiful shape into the egg)
  • Place a pitted olive on the top of each "mountain" of tuna

It's ready....super quick, super easy and super delicious! Enjoy!

Organize the eggs nicely in a serving dish and with the tuna that's left over, nicely place it in the middle or on the side of the dish - use the fork to make a nice shape and decorate with olives or cherry tomatoes




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