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ביף בורגיניון
Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

By November 3, 2015

Beef Bourguignon is a French dish of beef cooked in red wine for several hours with root vegetables. Beef Bourguignon is actually proof that you can also prepare delicious meat dishes with less desirable cuts of meat, you can prepare it with goulash or shoulder - but the recommended and most delicious meat to prepare it with is muscle. Beef Bourguignon is suitable for cold winter days, and the days you want to eat a tasty dish - and easily. Note that, since most of the broth is wine - try a dry red wine that is of the highest class as possible. Believe me - it will be worthwhile.

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2h 00 min



  • Heat canola oil (at least 4 tablespoons) in a large pot.
  • When the oil is boiling carefully place the meat and fry for a few minutes while stirring with a wooden spoon - until the meat changes color completely.
  • Add the onion and fry till it becomes transparent.
  • Add the garlic and fry for 2 minutes while stirring.
  • Sprinkle all the flour and continue to mix until everything becomes solidified and the flour is slightly browned.
  • Add the wine - and immediately together with a wooden spoon stir and scrape the bottom sediments. This process is very important so that everything becomes one.
  • Add the tomato paste, carrots, bay leaves, salt and black pepper with half a glass of water or axis - and stir.
  • Bring everything to a boil and lower the heat to easy bubbling.
  • Add the other half of the stock or water and mushrooms.
  • Continue to mix while scraping the bottom.
  • Cover the saucepan and cook over a low heat for two hours.
  • Stir every fifteen minutes.

The dish is ready! Serve it on white rice or with lovely “potatoes anna”...

Bon Appetit!



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