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By November 5, 2015

This Spanish paella dish is a particularly festive classic consisting of rice, vegetables and delicious meats - seasoned with fine saffron. The original paella is made with seafood and white meats - but we will find the version tailored to the kosher kitchen. This is a great dish that fills up to 5-6 persons family!

Originally paella requires saffron seasoning. Saffron is one of the rarest and most expensive spice in the world - so there's saffron substitute for those who manage to find it.

  • Prep Time : 25 minutes
  • Cook Time : 35 minutes



  • Rinse the rice nder water and leave to dry.
  • Heat a large pan with oil and cook the chorizo's from all sides
  • Once the chorizo's are cooked, remove them from the pan and let them cool down a bit. Then cut them in to nice sized pieces and place them in a bowl.
  • Cut the kabanos to  slices of 1cm thick and mix them in with the chorizos
  • Cut the pullet into coarse cubes
  • chop the onion
  • cut the red peppers into cubes
  • Boil the chicken stock or water with saffron - so it will be ready when we need it in a few minutes. Saffron colors begin to secrete into the liquid - This is a good thing!
  • In the same pan that was used for the chorizos - add oil and fry some onions.
  • Fry the onions until they become "clear".
  • Add the pullets and continue frying until they get color from all sides.
  • Add the kabanos and red peppers and continue frying with a continual stir.
  • Add the green peas.
  • Add the salt, the black pepper and the paprika.
  • Sprinkle the round rice over everything.
  • Pour in the chicken stock or the boiling water and then leave it - dont touch and dont mix!
  • Cover the pan with a lid.
  • Lower the flame to a minimum for 25 minutes.

Thats it, ready and super-delicious!

Serve straight from the pan to the plate! No need for extras - this dish speaks for itself!

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