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Stew – cholent

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חמין - צ'ולנט

Hamin or cholent, is by far the best dish associated with the Jewish Sabbath (that and gefilte fish) and it is an unchallenged dish nearly every winter Saturday. Whats fun about this dish is that it’s easy to prepare. Just put hot water in with it, let it cook slowly alone - and it allows us to get up in the morning to the wonderful smell while that it has distributed around the house throughout the whole night. In short - Here is a recipe for a delicious and simple cholent for shabbat or just for that cold winter day (or months!). The recipe presented here is for 4 servings - it is advisable and desirable to invite as many guests as you would like. All you need to do is easily increase quantities - just do not forget to organize at least one egg per person.
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  • Ask the butcher to cut into cubes for this stew Meat
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar
  • Half cup - soaked for at least 12 hours in cold water Those who do not want to soak all night, or do not have time - soak the beans while in boiling water with baking powder - after half an hour change the water and add more baking powder - and rinse well at the end. White beans
  • 1 1/2 cup - rinsed well Wheat
  • 4 -5 Peeled Potatoes
  • 3 Peeled Carrots
  • 2 Tablespoons Sweet Paprika
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Teaspoon Cumin
  • As Needed Salt
  • As Needed Ground Black Pepper
  • You can buy frozen at any supermarket – make sure to thaw before using. Intestines kishke
  • 1 Tablespoon Date Honey
  • Canola Oil


  • Chop the onion.
  • Slice the potatoes into slices one centimeter thick.
  • Cut the carrots into pieces with a length of approx 2 - 3 cm.
  • Heat a cast iron pot (or a good pot can be put in the oven) with oil.
  • When the oil is hot put in the onions and a spoon of sugar.
  • Fry them until the onions are lightly browned.
  • Add the meat and fry it closed - until it changes color on all sides.
  • Spice well with the red paprika, cumin, salt and pepper and stir.

Now begin to make the cholent (Stew):

  • Arrange the meat in the middle of the pan, arrange the beans on one side and on the other side wheat.
  • On the second layer: Arrange the carrots, potatoes and eggs.
  • Pour over a tablespoon of the date syrup.
  • Place the intestines.
  • Add water to the layer of potatoes and carrots flooded up to three-quarters-height (do not cover all ...)
  • Bring everything to a boil - if foam begins to rise, do not panic it’s from the beans in the pot. Just pick up the foam with a spoon and throw it away.
  • After boiling - close the up the dish.
  • Place the pan in the oven preheated to 100 degrees for the night (before going to bed, have a quick check to see if you need to place some more water)
  • It's ready. Enjoy!

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