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Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom Sauce

By August 22, 2011

This mushroom sauce, also called "brown sauce" is intended only as a supplement to “burekas”, pastas, pastries and more. It is very easy to prepare but requires ingredients that are not always found in every home. Therefore, this dish is designed especially for special occasions. In this recipe I'll give both the complicated version and the shortcut (less recommended, but also delicious).

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes


  • Mushrooms - 2 Small baskets (preferably a combination of both Portobello and champignon)
  • Beef Stock - ½ litre of boiling stock. (For those who do not have beef stock, it is possible to use powdered substitutes)
  • Onion - 1 Small, chopped
  • Flour - A handful
  • Canola Oil


• Cut the mushrooms into cubes. If Portobello is being used – cut per cm
• Heat the oil in a large saucepan or deep skillet
• Fry the onion until golden brown
• Add the mushrooms
• Add the flour and cook until the flour browns
• Add the beef stock and stir well with a wooden spoon, not forgetting about the sediments from the bottom
• Bring to a boil
• Cook over a low heat for approximately 10 minutes
• Bon Appetite

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