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By August 6, 2015

Nigiri sushi is the easiest type of sushi to make. Easier than preparing sandwich sushi, easier then preparing regular sushi rolls and is considered prestigious because it looks good and unique. Nigiri ("hold" in the original language) is a rice patty with smoked salmon on it or fresh salmon or avocado slices or Tamago (Japanese Omelet) - wrapped in nori seaweed strip. Easy, simple and impressive!

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes



  • Prepare rice according to the instructions.
  • Take nori seaweed - and cut (with a knife or scissors) into strips one centimeter thick.
  • Cut or slice the extra toppings into thick and flat slices
  • With wet hands take a handful of rice and roll out a long "meatball" type line of rice.
  • Place the patty on a strip of seaweed (the rough side of seaweed on top).
  • Place the topping on the back of the rice (for those who would like - you can put some spicy mayonnaise and wasabi (prior) to help with gluing it all together - I love without)
  • Wet the seaweed with a little water (dip a finger into a bowl and spread on seaweed) - Close the seaweed on the rice and the chosen extra.

Simple as that!

Serve with spicy mayonnaise, sweet chili, soya sauce and enjoy!

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