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סנדוויץ' סושי
Sushi Sandwich

Sushi Sandwich

Sushi Sandwich

By September 23, 2015

Sushi sandwich is a nice and convenient way to make sushi. I think that the sushi sandwich is way easier to make and a lot way more fun than the original sushi roll. Anyway - here is an impressive way with which you can make your sushi sandwich and serve it alongside the rest of the sushi on the tray!



  • Prepare (using the basic recipe) sushi rice.
  • Cut and prepare the extras (carrot, pepper, cucumber, fish, eggs etc.)
  • Prepare a small amount of spicy mayonnaise.
  • Fold in half (to length) the nori seaweed
  • With the help of a knife, cut the fold in half – end result leaving you with two seaweed surfaces of equal size.
  • Mash the elevated rice seaweed half inches and make sure that all the acceleration will be covered.
  • Spread spicy mayonnaise on one side (or both)
  • Arrange some extras (any of your choice) along the laid out rice.
  • Carefully and with both hands - take the seaweed with noextras laid on it and carefully place it over the piece that does have extras.
  • Using a slightly wet knife – cut across the middle and then once more down the middle of the squares to make two nicely shaped triangles.


Serve with more spicy mayonnaise, teriyaki and soy.

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