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Mushroom & Grits Soup

מרק פטריות (צילום: דבי עיזר)

Mushroom & Grits Soup contains a delicious and healthy selection of mushrooms. This dish is especially satisfying and of course...super easy to prepare. It is recommended to prepare this soup especially on rainy winter days when looking for a warm dish that is easy and quick to prepare and of course super-delicious!

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Bukhari green rice – “bachash”

בחש - אורז ירוק בוכרי

“Bachash” is stirred Bukhari green rice (ie rice with herbs) and is considered one of the most favorite foods in Bukharan community. It is made in particularly large events. So the recipe is also here in large quantities (do not worry - there will not be any left once served...) Bukharian patriots make it with fine lamb and mutton fat, but you can also prepare it with other types of meat. Due to the fact that this is no small amount of work (not very complicated, but there is a lot of tinkering) - You can divide the recipe of preparation into two parts. The first part can be made in the morning, or the night before and kept in the refrigerator until ready for the second part.

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Lasagne with Mushrooms

לזניה עם פטריות

Lasagne is delicious, satisfying and not to forget, very easy to make for adults and children alike. It is always possible for anyone to talk any recipe, invest a little time and give it their own twist. So, although the traditional lasagne comes with bechamel sauce, ragu and plenty of other tasty ingredients, I am going to provide you with a dairy version that is to die for. If you are in the mood to upgrade this dish even more, feel free to throw in a handful of mushrooms. This dish is easy and simple to make, 5 minutes preparation and then 45 minutes in the oven and you have a full, wonderful dish. The recipe I am providing you with is for 6 people and is intended to be made in an oven proof dish. Ofcourse you can double and triple your numbers in accordance to your host list. To find out if your “pattern” fits, just place 3 lasagne sheets at the bottom. If they fit in good – the dish size is good!

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Al Arrabbiata sauce – spicy tomato sauce

רוטב אל ארביאטה - רוטב עגבניות חריף

One of my favorite sauces, the Allabariatta Sauce, which in Italian literally translates into “Angry”. We are talking about a spicy and tingling, tomato based sauce. The spiciness of this dish does not take over the whole taste, rather makes its presence known. Due to its spiciness, I would not recommend this dish for children, however, those who have become too familiar with Pomodoro Sauce – you have come to the right place! This recipe is very easy to make and because it is also very quick to make I advise you start with the water for the pasta whilst starting to make the sauce – the sauce should really only be ready a minute before the pasta is.

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Meat Borekas

בורקס בשר ברוטב פטריות

Each and every community has its own borekas and no matter what they call it, it will always be pastry stuffed with something. As we all know, the tastiest thing in the world is always going to be puffed pastry filled with pretty much anything! If that something has to be meat, then that is just the icing on the top. Meat borekas is simple to make and obviously very tasty and is perfect for guests, special engagements and also for that simple day in. Preparation is generally pretty long, so do not wait until the last minute.

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