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Nigiri sushi is the easiest type of sushi to make. Easier than preparing sandwich sushi, easier then preparing regular sushi rolls and is considered prestigious because it looks good and unique. Nigiri ("hold" in the original language) is a rice patty with smoked salmon on it or fresh salmon or avocado slices or Tamago (Japanese Omelet) - wrapped in nori seaweed strip. Easy, simple and impressive!

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Sushi project – how to make sushi?

סושי מוכן

Sushi is the most controversial food out there. Some might say that this is much ado about nothing, and some will say it is very tasty. One thing they all agree - it's considerably expensive. I think that the price is based on the hype and buzz more than anything else! Sushi is really tasty, healthy and nutritious - but is considered a luxury food.

But once you learn how to make sushi at home - the price of a sushi roll outside will be that much more annoying! So I picked up the gauntlet and I post you my sushi project. Here I give a recipe for sushi - step by step, in order to make sushi like champions. In this article I will give you a basic sushi recipe - that is a regular roll, and then I'll occasionally upgrade with tempura, inside out, Japanese omelettes etc. So please, follow along and you will find great recipes for sushi - that is actually not difficult at all to make!

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