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When guests arrive - there's nothing nicer than filling your guests appetite. Nachos is a tasty snack and very easy to prepare and always succeed. Its upgrade options are endless - so let your imagination flow.

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Mexican Pizza

פיצה מקסיקנית - טאקו'ס עם סלסה מוקרמים בגבינה

Mexican pizza is my version of tacos, sauce and salsa. The tacos I make are from plain white flour but fried it like Mexican tacos, sprinkle salsa that requires quick cooking, spreading the cheese and straight into the oven. Mexican pizza is delicious and highly recommended as a treat for guests at a buffet - or on its own when you’re in the mood to eat something interesting. The recipe is for 7-8 tacos. Warning! Make more than you need – they will get eaten!

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Spicy fried wings

כנפיים מטוגנות בציפוי חריף

I made many attempts until I got this recipe of spicy wings crispy and spicy (some might say as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken!). I tried all sorts of combinations of spices, all kinds of ingredients - and finally I went back to the source and used the basic products, and the result was amazing. For those of you who like fried wings, you must try! True, the best experience was with regular milk but the result is not exactly kosher - but I've also tried parev soy milk - and the result is just as good and is perfect for you kosher keepers out there. Preparation is very simple and the result is so delicious...

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Chicken breast in tempura with sweet and sour sauce

This dish of crispy chunks of chicken breast in tempura and stir-fried in a wonderful and tender sweet and sour sauce. Excellent combination of Japanese rice wine - sake with rice vinegar and honey - a combination that always works together!

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Marble Cake

עוגת שיש

Marble cake is rich, delicious, easy to prepare and just what you need when guests arrive at short notice or when you’ve finished cooking for Shabbos and you suddenly remember you forgot to bake a cake, or when you just feel like a very delicious cake!

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“Sambusak” pizza

סמבוסק פיצה

“Sambusak” pizza is a true “sambusak” classic - tasty and good. Great pizza sauce, melted cheese inside - all wrapped in a soft dough – super-delicious. Come one, let’s get to work!

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Fish & Chips

פיש אנד צ'יפס

Fish and chips - a traditional English dish. Fish coated in a crisp coating and deep-fried with chips. The fish used in this recipe is cod. You can find the perfect recipe for potato chips fish and chips here. Tartar sauce recipe can be found here.

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Balkan Corn Muffins

מאפינס תירס בלקאניים

Savory muffins made from cornmeal – stuffed with good cheeses, fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes - a delight to the palate. They are designed in individual portions for dinner parties. Or light meals after a busy day. Truly tasty and so simple to prepare...what more is needed?

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Tahini & Silan Cookies

עוגיות טחינה וסילאן (צילום: שובל אביטוב)

Looking for a great treat for guests? Want to bake great cookies for Shabbos? These tahini cookies are delicious and easy to prepare. I recommend you to serve them as soon as guests come, at special events and much more!

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“Sambusak” with meat and chickpeas

For those of you who do not know what “sambusak” is – it is basically dough, stuffed with tasty fillings! This time we will fill the “sambusak” with meat and chickpeas. This dish does take a while to prepare - but it’s not very hard - and it's super-delicious. You should already begin making twice as much as first planned!

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