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Chicken Soup with Vegetables

מרק עוף עם ירקות

Chicken soup with vegetables - tasty, fragrant, nutritious, and most importantly super delicious! Chicken soup with vegetables in a rich broth is the best because of its delicious variety of vegetables that provide amazing tastes and chicken parts that complement the flavors and make the soup a real winter pleasure. The soup can be done with any part of the chicken you want. If you would like to be able to eat the chicken - Use thighs or breast. If you only want the chicken flavor  - use cheaper parts like wings or throats - and simply strain the soup after cooking them. But do not miss out on using the chicken. Its contribution provides immense taste! At the end there will be tips for those who want to make chicken noodle soup!

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Asado with honey mustard and wine

Asado is the best meat to be cooked for a longer period of time. It is fatty in all the right places and loves to get flavors from spices and external factors. What's also good about this type of meat is that the preparation of Asado is very simple - there is an initial bit of preparation and then hours of cooking later. This leaves you with plenty of time to do other things like household chores or even invest some much needed time and attention for that perfect appetizer. The following recipe is a classic recipe in the high Holidays because it contains a fair amount of honey, which works well on the hotplate on holidays. An additional note before beginning, there are a lot of types of honey. The inferior which can be found at the supermarket - part of what is called "honey" is actually burnt sugar with flavorings. So as you are careful about good wine, good oil and meat quality - Do not underestimate your honey. For example, I make it a point to buy honey at specialized stores. Invest a little in honey - it will only do good for any dish of your choice.

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Shoulder of beef with root vegetables

Shoulder is a piece of meat that loves to cook for a long time. The same goes for root vegetables and therefore their combination is perfect. Beef shoulder with root vegetables is a delicious, filling and warming dish – so it is perfect for those winter days and especially Shabbat. This recipe uses beef stock, but I am aware that this is not readily available in every household and therefore you may use a powdered substitute of beef stock (don’t worry, I won’t tell!)...

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Chicken with chickpeas

רצועות עוף עם חומוס ברוטב עגבניות

Chicken with chickpeas in tomato sauce is just amazing! The chicken is cooked with sauce in a pot, absorbing flavors and then turn the chicken into stir-fried and juicy strips in sauce with a little lemon juice….Super-Delicious!

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Turkey Pastrami

Pastrami is a notoriously controversial issue. In other words, if you buy it in the supermarket - it is delicious, but who knows what's inside? So here is a great recipe for homemade pastrami, which is very easy to make and delicious to serve either hot or cold, particularly recommended for serving as an appetizer at a meaty buffet. Turkey pastrami is a particularly healthy homemade dish - because you know exactly what's inside – and of course much more delicious in general. Preparing pastrami is a process that takes about one day to get the best results. But at the end of the recipe, I will provide you with a trick to shorten the process.

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