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Beet and apple salad

סלט סלק ותפוחים

Here is a unique and delicious salad especially appropriate for the High Holidays. The salad contains fruits and vegetables symbolizing Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. Believe me – it will eb one of the star dishes at the table!

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Beet quinoa salad

Looking for a salad that’s like a full meal, or a great addition to any meal? Quinoa with beet salad is healthy, refreshing and looks great!

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“Kubbeh” Beet Soup

מרק קובה סלק

“Kubbeh” beet soup or “kubbeh” in general is without a doubt the main dish on Friday afternoon in more than a third of all homes in Israel. One third is making excuses why they just so happened to turn up to their neighbours house at the exact moment that they pulled out the “Kubbeh” and the other third have probably still not heard of such a wonder. For those who are yet to discover this dish, I give you, “kubbeh” beet soup. This recipe will give the right direction. Although the recipe is not very convenient to make and requires a lot of tinkering and a mess, but what is good for him - it's one time you can make a huge amount of Cuba - and just freeze and every time just to make a soup to which stop Kubbe. This recipe is calculated to about 20 cubicles, so you do the math yourself how much you need. I recommend to prepare all ingredients in advance bowls - it would greatly facilitate the task of cooking.

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