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Minestrone soup

מרק מינסטרונה

Minestrone is rich Italian soup with vegetables, beans and pasta which tastes great. Minestrone soup is tasty, satisfying and very healthy. So, here is a recipe for huge pot of minestrone soup - the kids will love it and you'll have enough for the next few days! You should plan your preparation well in advance because the preparation and ingredients list is challenging - but rewarding! If the vegetable is missing from the list, or someone in the family does not like it, you can cut it out or switch it with something else, this soup comes out perfectly tasty in every way!

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Broccoli Cream

רוטב שמנת ברוקולי

Broccoli cream is a cream based sauce with blanched broccoli heads. Like all cream sauces - broccoli cream sauce is rich, smooth and great for fettuccine pasta! It is super easy to make and super-delicious! Due to the fact that this sauce doesn't take too long to make, it is advised to put the pasta in the water as soon as you've finished blanching the broccoli.

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Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli

חזה עוף אסייתי בתנור עם אורז וברוקולי

Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli – This is a wonderful dish which is rich, delicious and luxurious. Although baked in the oven, the chicken breasts remains juicy and full of Asian flavors whilst integrated with wonderful white rice and broccoli.

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Fried Broccoli

ברוקולי מטוגן בציפוי

Anyone who wants an extra tasty, light and filling meal - fried broccoli is the answer! Tasty, crispy, and satisfying and of course super delicious for both children and adults!

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Broccoli with crispy breadcrumbs

Broccoli is a perfect vegetable supplement, crisp and great for any meal. This dish is very easy to make and of course delicious!

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Broccoli Quiche

קיש ברוקולי

Broccoli Quiche is great and very tasty, no doubt! This Broccoli quiche with crispy pastry and a rich filling of cream and Parmesan cheese give you a delicious and pampering dish!

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Cajun broccoli and garlic in the oven

ברוקולי בקייג'ון ושום

Broccoli is a great addition to any meal. It’s healthy and delicious. Broccoli with Cajun seasoning and garlic in the oven has a dominant and rich flavor that keeps the crisp texture of broccoli and adds wonderful surprises!

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Broccoli tempura

ברוקולי בטמפורה

Broccoli tempura is great as a snack, a refreshment and even as an extra-large meal. The tempura gives the broccoli a nice and crispy coating that will make anyone eat these all up within seconds!

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Pasta salad with broccoli and roasted peppers

סלט פסטה

I give you cold pasta salad with broccoli, peas, roasted peppers and lots of delicious goodies. A great light dinner or as an extra for larger meals. As a bonus: 2 great sauces. The salad is recommended to prepare a few hours in advance and served cold from the refrigerator.

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