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Beet and apple salad

סלט סלק ותפוחים

Here is a unique and delicious salad especially appropriate for the High Holidays. The salad contains fruits and vegetables symbolizing Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. Believe me – it will eb one of the star dishes at the table!

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Carrot and walnut cake

עוגת גזר ואגוזים

Carrot cake with nuts made with whole wheat flour - a super-delicious cake full of all good things. What else is really needed from a good host? Or simply indulge in the great flavors on the couch! Carrot cake with nuts - very easy to prepare and so delicious ...

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Raisin & Jarisha Pancakes

The following recipe my wife improvised quickly after the little one dug out a bag of Jarisha and said he wanted that. It is true that you usually make Cuba with Jarisha - but the latkes that came out were no less delicious and served as a wonderful dinner for the whole family!

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Sweet and sour pineapple chicken

עוף באננס חמוץ מתוק על מצע אורז

Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple is great, tasty and crispy. Suitable for Friday night dinners, holidays and children! It has great color, it’s juicy and of course super delicious. There is a sweet and sour Asian taste which is a result of the wonderful flavors of the marinade. It is important to let the chicken sit in the marinade in the fridge for at least an hour (if not more) to absorb all the flavors!

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Chicken with ketchup and lemon

עוף בקטשופ ולימון

Chicken in lemon sauce and ketchup is the name I gave this dish after not succeeding to find it a more fitting name. I tried to combine flavors I like and see what comes out. The result is a chicken with a variety of wonderful flavors and aromas. Chicken in lemon sauce and ketchup is a little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy and very tasty and is especially easy to prepare. Although it has a number of stages in the preparation and it’s not as simple as placing in the oven and coming back when it’s ready - but it’s definitely worth the investment - and it also looks great with a glazing sauce on it.

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French onion soup with red wine

In the winter - there's nothing like a thick onion soup and when you’re looking for a great way to warm your body and mind, French onion soup with red wine is exactly what you need - especially if we add creamed cheese and croutons. I got the following recipe from a French chef, who rules with an iron fist for a great restaurant in the suburbs of Paris, and in general is just great person. This French Onion Soup Classic is on the basis of red wine and Vegetable stock, when frying the onions in red wine for a long time it all becomes sweet, dark and beautiful - making it dark and thick - unlike Italian Onion Soup which is usually based on white wine.

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Tropical Chicken Breast in the Oven

חזה עוף טרופי בתנור

Tropical Chicken Breast - is just that: a juicy, spicy, sweet, colorful and with extra pineapple. This dish has a very picante spicy taste on one side and on the other side a very sweet taste. This provides a perfect smelling and perfect tasting dish!

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Black lentils with persimmon slices

עדשים שחורות עם אפרסמון

This recipe is perfect for an extra in a salad or in cooking a full dish - but either way this is a delicious dish, original and very refreshing. A very simple dish to prepare but of course important to remember to soak the beans several hours before starting to cook.

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“Kubbeh” Beet Soup

מרק קובה סלק

“Kubbeh” beet soup or “kubbeh” in general is without a doubt the main dish on Friday afternoon in more than a third of all homes in Israel. One third is making excuses why they just so happened to turn up to their neighbours house at the exact moment that they pulled out the “Kubbeh” and the other third have probably still not heard of such a wonder. For those who are yet to discover this dish, I give you, “kubbeh” beet soup. This recipe will give the right direction. Although the recipe is not very convenient to make and requires a lot of tinkering and a mess, but what is good for him - it's one time you can make a huge amount of Cuba - and just freeze and every time just to make a soup to which stop Kubbe. This recipe is calculated to about 20 cubicles, so you do the math yourself how much you need. I recommend to prepare all ingredients in advance bowls - it would greatly facilitate the task of cooking.

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Chicken Cubes in Sweet & Sour Sauce

קוביות חזה עוף ברוטב חמוץ מתוק

As you will have noticed - Asian cuisine is very close to my heart. Asian food is spicy and full of flavor and just no limit to the possibilities in this kitchen. This time I bring you one of my favorite dishes, chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce. It is the perfect dish for both adults and children. Due to the fact that we first off coat the chicken in tempura, it will then stay nice and juicy and not dry. What’s even more fun about this dish is that it is so easy to make and so delicious that the way the kitchen looks after cooking is completely worth it!

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