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Rice with zucchini and Chickpeas

אורז עם קישוא וחומוס בעשבי תיבול

Basmati rice with zucchini and hummus plus herbs is an incredible and easy dish to prepare. You can serve it by itself as an excellent dinner with salad and good tahini and can be served with zucchini, chickpeas and herbs as well as a supplement to a main course. Either way - this is not a good recipe, it is a great recipe!

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Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon

כדורי בשר עם תרד ברוטב פטריות ולימון

Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon is a wonderful, creative and tasty dish. Chopped spinach medallions are a great fit with the meat mix and the lemon gives a twist with the mushrooms in beef sauce complemented the flavors pure fun. Simple, fun and of course.....Super delicious!

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Chicken Soup with Vegetables

מרק עוף עם ירקות

Chicken soup with vegetables - tasty, fragrant, nutritious, and most importantly super delicious! Chicken soup with vegetables in a rich broth is the best because of its delicious variety of vegetables that provide amazing tastes and chicken parts that complement the flavors and make the soup a real winter pleasure. The soup can be done with any part of the chicken you want. If you would like to be able to eat the chicken - Use thighs or breast. If you only want the chicken flavor  - use cheaper parts like wings or throats - and simply strain the soup after cooking them. But do not miss out on using the chicken. Its contribution provides immense taste! At the end there will be tips for those who want to make chicken noodle soup!

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Minestrone soup

מרק מינסטרונה

Minestrone is rich Italian soup with vegetables, beans and pasta which tastes great. Minestrone soup is tasty, satisfying and very healthy. So, here is a recipe for huge pot of minestrone soup - the kids will love it and you'll have enough for the next few days! You should plan your preparation well in advance because the preparation and ingredients list is challenging - but rewarding! If the vegetable is missing from the list, or someone in the family does not like it, you can cut it out or switch it with something else, this soup comes out perfectly tasty in every way!

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Barley, Lentils and Vegetable Soup

Sometimes it seems we want the winter to come just so that we can prepare hot and tasty soups. There is no soup that is more fitting for the winter than a nice thick Barley Soup. The joy is doubled when we take the initiative and add some lentils and vegetables. Like all bean soups - it is recommended to start preparing well in advance, because it requires long cooking. But trust me - it's worth every minute of waiting.

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Baked Lentil Patties

Baked lentil patties are delicious and are very easy to prepare for any meal. Lentil patties are healthy, tasty and do not demand frying - and the kids just devour them!

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Orange soup

Orange soup is one of the most popular soups in the Israeli winter. (Together with onion soup of course). Here is a recipe for orange soup that will warm you not only winter but you will reap praise from all who tasted it! This orange soup usually is made with the help of a blender. If you do not have one - Prepare as usual until the stage of the blender – then turn off the heat, wait for the soup to cool - and grind everything in a food processor - and then return to the pot until the end of the cooking.

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Couscous Soup

מרק לקוסקוס

I admit - one of the few foods I prefer to prepare from a bag is couscous. I know, the more prepared couscous is more tasty and nutritious. But really - Couscous from a bag is easier on my tongue (and easier to prepare ...). Couscous Soup - I will not make from bag or box or powder. I prepare couscous soup from vegetables, hummus and a slight sourness of lemon juice - that will make the bagged couscous - no less of a delicacy. So if you have found yourself in any cool evening, and you want a quick and nutritious soup - soup couscous with couscous is the best option for you. Generally couscous soup comes with chicken - but I personally prefer it without. For those who want chicken – add him in at the frying stage. Lazy people like me who love bagged couscous - it is recommended to prepare the couscous soup before - and use the water to make the couscous.

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Home-made pickles in brine

מלפפונים חמוצים ביתיים במלח

Pickles are the heart of each table when entertaining. Yes, with dips, cheeses, crackers and red napkins placed in a disposable cup that whoever takes one it all drops! In short – there is no such thing is entertaining without pickles. But to really impress your guests - what better than delicious homemade pickles in salt? They are more fresh, more juicy, healthier - and of course unbelievably delicious. Preparation is easy and takes only 5 days ...

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“Kubbeh” Beet Soup

מרק קובה סלק

“Kubbeh” beet soup or “kubbeh” in general is without a doubt the main dish on Friday afternoon in more than a third of all homes in Israel. One third is making excuses why they just so happened to turn up to their neighbours house at the exact moment that they pulled out the “Kubbeh” and the other third have probably still not heard of such a wonder. For those who are yet to discover this dish, I give you, “kubbeh” beet soup. This recipe will give the right direction. Although the recipe is not very convenient to make and requires a lot of tinkering and a mess, but what is good for him - it's one time you can make a huge amount of Cuba - and just freeze and every time just to make a soup to which stop Kubbe. This recipe is calculated to about 20 cubicles, so you do the math yourself how much you need. I recommend to prepare all ingredients in advance bowls - it would greatly facilitate the task of cooking.

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