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Breaded Chicken

עוף בפרורי לחם

Breaded Chicken is a very easy dish to prepare even when compared to most of the roast chicken recipes. It is especially tasty and really loved by the children (adults too, right?). Need more reasons to make chicken Breaded Chicken? No? Well then let’s get to work.

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Chicken with mushrooms and onions

עוף עם פטריות ובצל

This is an excellent recipe for those looking to diversify their chicken and give it some juicy flavors and spices other than placing it on the grill. As with any recipe of chicken (almost) this is an easy recipe to make, which has a "drop-and-forget" attitude. Simply put in all the ingredients, close the pot and go to bed for an hour - and when you wake you will have a ready dish of chicken with mushrooms and onions and a smell around the house to die for.

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Baked Chicken Meatballs

קציצות עוף אפויות

Amazing chicken patties that for once are done baking and not fried - something healthy and nutritious that kids will also love! This chicken meatball recipe contains vegetable to reduce the calorie count and oats to reduce the cholesterol. The recipe is presented here in several variations - all very tasty.

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Chicken breast with red peppers

חזה עוף בפלפלים

Isn’t it true that sometimes you have a chicken breast but you have no idea what to do with it? Chicken Breast is a project in itself and to start frying and everything else and all the dishes that stay on afterwords! ... So, here is a great recipe for chicken breast and red peppers, it’s very easy to make and very tasty. Despite the relatively long cooking - the chicken stays juicy thanks to the amount of liquid in the dish. In short - if you fancy a little change and refresh your chicken breast dish - it's a recipe for you.

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Chicken Cubes in Sweet & Sour Sauce

קוביות חזה עוף ברוטב חמוץ מתוק

As you will have noticed - Asian cuisine is very close to my heart. Asian food is spicy and full of flavor and just no limit to the possibilities in this kitchen. This time I bring you one of my favorite dishes, chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce. It is the perfect dish for both adults and children. Due to the fact that we first off coat the chicken in tempura, it will then stay nice and juicy and not dry. What’s even more fun about this dish is that it is so easy to make and so delicious that the way the kitchen looks after cooking is completely worth it!

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