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Chicken in beer and vegetables

עוף בבירה

Chicken cooks great in liquids and people love beer. So here is a combination of two great human loves - chicken in beer and vegetables. The beer wraps your chicken with a rich flavor and connects the other flavors to make the whole chicken dish one big celebration. Chicken in beer and vegetables is for everyone - even for children (the alcohol breaks down evaporates during the cooking).

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Chicken thighs stuffed with rice

כרעי עוף ממולאים

Chicken stuffed with rice is a dish that requires some skill but this is an excellent and delicious dish for serving at events, weekends and holidays. Stuffed chicken thighs with yellow rice and carrots and raisins and balsamic sauce cooked with red wine - a dish that is a celebration of flavors and aromas. We carefully dismantle the chicken from the bone, making sure we make no holes in the chicken or the skin. But we do keep the tip of the bone with the chicken in order to keep the chicken closed. You can ask the butcher to dismantle for you.

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