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Noodles and meat pie – meat Kugel

פשטידת אטריות ובשר

Okay, so this is not a crazy hot Kugel – it is instead the sweet seller in synagogues on shabbat. But noodles and meat pie is almost like little noodle cakes with meat. It is really delicious - and a little spicy. Do we really need anything else in life?

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Spicy fried wings

כנפיים מטוגנות בציפוי חריף

I made many attempts until I got this recipe of spicy wings crispy and spicy (some might say as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken!). I tried all sorts of combinations of spices, all kinds of ingredients - and finally I went back to the source and used the basic products, and the result was amazing. For those of you who like fried wings, you must try! True, the best experience was with regular milk but the result is not exactly kosher - but I've also tried parev soy milk - and the result is just as good and is perfect for you kosher keepers out there. Preparation is very simple and the result is so delicious...

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Onion Rings

Onion rings are a great addition next to a hamburger (homemade of course!) and even as a snack in front of the TV. Onion rings are crisp, tasty and sometimes they are even more fun than just chips. Nothing beats onion rings coated with tempura and bread crumbs.

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