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Sesame Chicken

עוף בשומשום

Sesame Chicken - the perfect Asian schnitzel - now in your very own kitchen! Chicken breast, thinly sliced into stripes coated in tempura and sesame. This dish is super fun, super easy to make and of course, super delicious!

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Chicken breast with lemon and white wine

עוף בלימון. צילום: שובל אביטוב

Chicken breast with lemon and white wine is an Asian-style dish. You can serve it on its own as a first course or as a main course of chicken with lemon and a side dish of sweet rice.

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Broccoli Quiche

קיש ברוקולי

Broccoli Quiche is great and very tasty, no doubt! This Broccoli quiche with crispy pastry and a rich filling of cream and Parmesan cheese give you a delicious and pampering dish!

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