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Rice with zucchini and Chickpeas

אורז עם קישוא וחומוס בעשבי תיבול

Basmati rice with zucchini and hummus plus herbs is an incredible and easy dish to prepare. You can serve it by itself as an excellent dinner with salad and good tahini and can be served with zucchini, chickpeas and herbs as well as a supplement to a main course. Either way - this is not a good recipe, it is a great recipe!

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Osh Shula – risotto Bukhari

אוש שולה - ריזוטו בוכרי

This is the Bukharian equivalent of risotto. It is less known in the Bukharian community which mainly boasts foods like Aosh-pelao and Goz'gz'h - but no fear – Shula is equally as tasty! This is a stew of chicken gizzards with round rice, tomatoes, lots of cilantro and lots of lemon. A celebration of flavors. A great dish, tasty and filling! This dish does take a few hours to simmer - Take your time and won’t be sorry.

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“Mafrum” – potatoes stuffed with minced meat

This is my version of “mafrum” - which is basically potato stuffed with minced meat. Instead of placing meat between two slices of potato - I just emptied out the potatoes and filled them with the stuffing of spiced minced meat and close them up again – so in fact we have a whole potato stuffed with meat – 1 serving per person (Serve two potatoes each). Oh and no eggplant, but the result is great and rest assured everyone will be licking their plates.

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Meatballs topped with breadcrumbs

כדורי בשר בציפוי פרורי לחם

Who says meatballs have to simmer in sauce? Fancy diversifying your meatballs? Here is a great recipe of meatballs topped with fried bread crumbs making them crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside - and very, very tasty. This recipe is designed for those who want to diversify their current knowledge of meat and surprise your family and guests with a fun meal that is desired to eat with your hands!

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Potatoes with zucchini, red pepper and coriander

תפוחי אדמה, קישואים ופלפל אדום בתנור

Potatoes with zucchini and red peppers are a great, colorful and delicious addition to every meal. With garlic and coriander they become a great celebration of flavors, colors and smells. Perfect as a side dish for ay meat meal or fish meal - and of course at a juicy steak!

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Traditional fish dish “chraime” – Prince of Nile fish spicy Moroccan style

חריימה - דג מרוקאי

This recipe of “chraime” is one my aunt gave me. She is one of the best cooks I’ve ever come across in my whole life. Those who do not know – it’s a traditional Moroccan fish dish – “chraime”. It contains peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes and of course lots of hot spices. It is very simple to prepare and is perfect for those looking for a great appetizer to give guests on holidays and weekends (or even during the week at a dinner party). There are many versions of “chraime” (like all ethnic dishes) but I chose to use the Prince of Nile Fish because it is very tasty, easy to make, available, inexpensive and has relatively very few bones. You can use many different types of fish for this dish including the mullet, grouper, sea bass, cod and even more types of fish are suitable. Like I said, I’m going with the Nile perch – but it really is a matter of personal Taste.

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