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Lollipop wings

מגישים עם צ'ילי מתוק

The most fun way to eat wings! Wings on a stick are actually wings partially dismantled from the bone - thus becoming a kind of "wings on a stick". Kids love it - and adults cannot resist! Although it is not the simplest recipe to prepare - lollipop wings is a recipe which is especially recommended to make. Due to the fact that we are talking about wings at the end of the day, the aesthetics are not very high. But who cares?! Its wings and its tasty!

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Wings in the oven in a sweet sauce

There must always be a good reason to make wings in the oven rather than fried. So here's an excellent one! – Wings in a sweet sauce with a wonderful glaze and super-delicious!

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Meatballs in the oven with garlic and honey

כדורי בשר ברוטב שום ודבש

What's more fun than meatballs? Meatballs in the oven with garlic and honey! Although cooking in the oven means no sauce, the meatballs retain their juiciness and softness because of the red pepper and onion that release liquid during baking, and of course – mixing the dish at the end in a great thick sauce, sweet and rich. The recipe is made without the addition of oil. This recipe contains the use of Worcester sauce - you can get it at any normal 7/11. It is recommended to have at any event. For those who do not have that sauce – they should take two teaspoons of honey, a little salt, a pinch of chili, and a few drops of lemon. Anyway, with real sauce your dish will always be tastier!

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Onion Rings

Onion rings are a great addition next to a hamburger (homemade of course!) and even as a snack in front of the TV. Onion rings are crisp, tasty and sometimes they are even more fun than just chips. Nothing beats onion rings coated with tempura and bread crumbs.

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Chicken Cubes in Sweet & Sour Sauce

קוביות חזה עוף ברוטב חמוץ מתוק

As you will have noticed - Asian cuisine is very close to my heart. Asian food is spicy and full of flavor and just no limit to the possibilities in this kitchen. This time I bring you one of my favorite dishes, chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce. It is the perfect dish for both adults and children. Due to the fact that we first off coat the chicken in tempura, it will then stay nice and juicy and not dry. What’s even more fun about this dish is that it is so easy to make and so delicious that the way the kitchen looks after cooking is completely worth it!

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