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Lasagna Pie

פשטידת לזנייה

What can ya do? Sometimes there is no desire to spend a long time on whole lasagna, organizing layer over layer and continually getting strained. So here it is…a simple lasagna pie. Light and delicious and not difficult to make at all! This recipe also works if you don’t have lasagna sheets and just pasta. *a little tip for - Lasagna is always much more delicious to me after a night in the fridge! Enjoy!

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Mushroom Pie

Mushroom quiche is simple to make and of course extremely delicious (super-delicious!) - recommended for all occasions such as hosting a family dinner and more. Of course it really should be prepared with freshly cut mushrooms, but canned mushrooms will also work nicely. (For the really brave - add chili powder with the spices ... This upgrade is very hot and is not recommended if you have children...)

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Quick Pasta Pie

פשטידת אטריות

You know the feeling when you have leftover pasta in the fridge and you don’t know what to do with it? I have a solution that will put an end to your questions - Fast noodle casserole! Simply mix, place in the oven - and Hopa! - Quick pasta pie which the kids will love!

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Pasta with sautéed spinach and garlic

פנה ברוטב תרד מוקרם עם שום

Pasta with sautéed spinach and garlic is delicious, healthy and filling. Instead of using cream we use a mixture of milk and cottage cheese with a combination of spinach and garlic - nothing less than perfect. The sauce on the pasta sits well, looks great and has a great taste.

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Lasagne with Mushrooms

לזניה עם פטריות

Lasagne is delicious, satisfying and not to forget, very easy to make for adults and children alike. It is always possible for anyone to talk any recipe, invest a little time and give it their own twist. So, although the traditional lasagne comes with bechamel sauce, ragu and plenty of other tasty ingredients, I am going to provide you with a dairy version that is to die for. If you are in the mood to upgrade this dish even more, feel free to throw in a handful of mushrooms. This dish is easy and simple to make, 5 minutes preparation and then 45 minutes in the oven and you have a full, wonderful dish. The recipe I am providing you with is for 6 people and is intended to be made in an oven proof dish. Ofcourse you can double and triple your numbers in accordance to your host list. To find out if your “pattern” fits, just place 3 lasagne sheets at the bottom. If they fit in good – the dish size is good!

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