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Cream sauce with cheese and roasted peppers

This great sauce is a combination of cream, cheese, roasted peppers and spices. It is an excellent sauce for gnocchi, ravioli or pasta such as fettuccine. Like any cream sauce, the sauce will be ready in a short amount of time. It is recommended to start cooking the pasta and the sauce simultaneously, in order to make sure that the pasta is ready approximately the same time as the sauce!

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Cauliflower cream sauce and lemon

רוטב שמנת כרובית ולימון

For those who love pasta sauces based on cream, will love this sauce! This sauce is very rich, full of flavors and of course very tasty. The cauliflower cream sauce and lemon should be served with fettuccine type pasta, tagliatelle and Farfalle. It is recommended to put water for the pasta at the beginning of the process – due to the fact that the water takes time to boil and the sauce is ready pretty quickly. If you start cooking together - the sauce will be ready moments before the pasta!

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