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Oven baked crispy & spicy wings

כנפיים פיקנטיות בציפוי פריך בתנור

These crispy and spicy wings are especially delicious and made in the oven. The spices give a gentle spiciness and the combination of that with the breadcrumbs, give it a funky crisp. The result being great crunchiness to the wings that do not disappear due to the oven…

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Wings – Crispy, Fried & Spicy

כנפיים בסגנון KFC

After we cracked the secret of my favourite potato chips it's time to crack another secret gem. After many trials and all kinds of combinations - we are proud to present you with the recipe for everyone favourite crispy, fried and spicy wings! The recipe is also suitable for other chicken parts with skin like drumsticks and thighs.

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