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Majadra Druze – bulgur with black lentils

מג'דרה דרוזית

Majadra Druze is very similar to the normal Majadra that we know - just use rice instead of bulgur wheat. The taste is of course the most wonderful and suitable for the whole family. Druze majadra is a suitable supplement to large meals or can be used as dinner itself.

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Potatoes topped with cheese

תפוחי אדמה מוקרמים בגבינה צהובה

Looking for a luxurious addition to your dinner? Baked potatoes topped with cheesed is a great addition to any meal. Oven-baked potatoes (not fried) with cheese on top adds a lot of flavor and fun for every bite. Due to the fact that we are using baby potatoes, it's that much more fun to eat with your hands!

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