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Stew – cholent

חמין - צ'ולנט

Hamin or cholent, is by far the best dish associated with the Jewish Sabbath (that and gefilte fish) and it is an unchallenged dish nearly every winter Saturday. Whats fun about this dish is that it’s easy to prepare. Just put hot water in with it, let it cook slowly alone - and it allows us to get up in the morning to the wonderful smell while that it has distributed around the house throughout the whole night. In short - Here is a recipe for a delicious and simple cholent for shabbat or just for that cold winter day (or months!). The recipe presented here is for 4 servings - it is advisable and desirable to invite as many guests as you would like. All you need to do is easily increase quantities - just do not forget to organize at least one egg per person.

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