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Potato in sweet chili and “Silan”

תפוחי אדמה בצ'ילי מתוק וסילאן

This recipe of potatoes in sweet chili and “silan” is an upgrade of a recipe I received from an excellent cook. The original recipe included potatoes, sweet chili and “silan”. My upgrade is trying to refine some of the sweetness with a touch of lemon juice and mustard. The reactions to my upgrade to the recipe were unanimous and thus, here is the recipe – so that you guys can also enjoy!

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Halva Mousse

מוס חלבה (צילום: איתמר כהן)

This great halva mousse recipe prepared by my aunt and was so successful that I forced her to give me the recipe. This dessert is easy and simple to prepare and advisable to prepare for events, entertaining, barbecues and the like. Enjoy!

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Grilled chicken with date honey and garlic

עוף בסילאן ושום

This chicken recipe is sweet and very tasty with date syrup and garlic and wonderful surprises. It is very easy to make and very successful. It is recommended to soak the whole night so the flavors can really penetrate into the meat and not remain only on the shell - but you can put it in the oven immediately after preparation of the job.

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Wings in lemon and date honey

כנפיים בלימון וסילאן

So one day I wanted to make wings in a honey sauce - I opened the closet and remembered the honey was finished the day before. So I took “Selan” (date syrup) and built around the recipe. True, it's not a revolutionary or innovative recipe, rather the combination of lemon and date syrup - garlic - a lot of soy and other recipes. But it always does the trick. The outcome is great wings with four wonderfully integrated flavors and great, pleasant tartness from the lemon, delicate saltiness from the soy, sweetness of the “Silan” and spicy tingle from the garlic and mustard. This is a wonderful dish when hosting, watching sports, movies and general social activities!

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Tahini & Silan Cookies

עוגיות טחינה וסילאן (צילום: שובל אביטוב)

Looking for a great treat for guests? Want to bake great cookies for Shabbos? These tahini cookies are delicious and easy to prepare. I recommend you to serve them as soon as guests come, at special events and much more!

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Citrus Vinaigrette

Citrus vinaigrette is vinegar and quality olive oil-based sauce with extra orange juice. This vinaigrette is sweeter than the original and especially suits salads with chicken or meats. Citrus vinaigrette keeps well in storage when it is kept sealed. Therefore it is advised make a nice amount - and keep in the refrigerator for when needed.

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