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Carrot and walnut cake

עוגת גזר ואגוזים

Carrot cake with nuts made with whole wheat flour - a super-delicious cake full of all good things. What else is really needed from a good host? Or simply indulge in the great flavors on the couch! Carrot cake with nuts - very easy to prepare and so delicious ...

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Chicken Nuggets with Tempura

חזה עוף בטמפורה בציפוי שבבי פאנקו

Here is a quick and simple recipe for chicken schnitzel, coated in tempura and panco “chips”! Panco “chips” are actually soft coarse bread crumbs and give fried chicken an amazing crispiness and tastes great. This dish is so tasty that you won’t be able to stop eating them, until they just disappear from the plate.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious and easy to prepare. Classic chocolate chip cookies are made at home with the children for any purpose, such as hospitality, Shabbat and holidays or just for a nice treat.

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Tempura onion rings

טבעות בצל בטמפורה

Onion rings topped with tempura are soft, great tasting and easy to make. They are gently spiced, look amazing and taste even better. Although tempura onion rings are slightly less crispy then original onion rings topped with bread crumbs – they make up for it with their super-delicious taste!

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Broccoli tempura

ברוקולי בטמפורה

Broccoli tempura is great as a snack, a refreshment and even as an extra-large meal. The tempura gives the broccoli a nice and crispy coating that will make anyone eat these all up within seconds!

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