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Homemade Pizza Recipe – A Recipe for Dough and Pizza Sauce

פיצה ביתית מדהימה

When we were little - we made do with ketchup smeared over pita bread with a slice of cheese, pushed into the microwave for a minute and a half. Today when we are set in our ways - we have a clear understanding that a good pizza requires excellent sauce and cheese - and of course it must be easy to make - because who has the power to knead for half an hour? So here it is a homemade pizza recipe that does not require too much effort. You can make it easily and it’s very tasty. But not just any homemade pizza recipe - This recipe includes one of the truly special sauces – because, if we are already making homemade pizza, we do not settle for just any tomato paste - but we'll invest a little more and we'll make a fine pizza sauce!

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Salsa Rosa – Tomato and Cream Sauce

ניוקי ברוטב סלסה רוזה

Rosa salsa is one of the most famous sauces and as such there are a lot of variations: with fresh tomato puree, with alcohol or not, with or without onions. In short – the number of cooks matches the amount of variations. So the recipe I am giving to you today is my own variation of Rosa salsa, which is actually creamy tomato sauce that is tasty and quick and easy to prepare. There are those who tend to add vodka or white wine in order to boost the taste, I however do not believe this is the case. What does boost this sauce is the one and only gnocchi!

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Bolognese sauce

רוטב בולונז

Bolognese sauce or "ragu" is one of the Italian flag foods. Although it is known that every region in Italy has its own version of pasta sauce - (in our case this is a city of Bologna, the birthplace of Bologna). This is essentially tomato-based sauce with ground meat (usually lamb) and red wine that is placed in a pot for a few hours on very low heat and left to cook - leave it overnight in the fridge. The sauce I suggest that you, is slightly different to the original. It does not require 8 hours of cooking and wine (although whoever wants to - feel free to add) – Although slightly different, no less delicious. In addition, this recipe I use a can of soup. This is because (and here comes the scoop) in Italy there is not always fresh tomatoes, only a few times a year when the markets have fresh tomatoes, do they use them for the sauce. Otherwise they also used canned tomatoes. For those of you, who are lucky enough to have a few fresh tomatoes lying around, please feel free to use them!

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