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רוטב סלסה

Organizing a small event? Friends coming over to watch the game? Here is a spicy salsa (not very spicy!) And very tasty and easy to prepare - and sure better than any purchased salad dip that God knows what is included in them.

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Cheese and spinach enchiladas in salsa sauce

אינצ'לדת גבינות ותרד ברוטב סלסה

While most enchiladas are filled with meat or chicken - there is another way and it's even more delicious! Cheese and spinach enchiladas in salsa sauce is a Mexican-style dish of delicious tortillas filled with cheese, spinach, mushrooms and red pepper with a light and spicy salsa that just completes it all!

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Homemade Pizza Recipe – A Recipe for Dough and Pizza Sauce

פיצה ביתית מדהימה

When we were little - we made do with ketchup smeared over pita bread with a slice of cheese, pushed into the microwave for a minute and a half. Today when we are set in our ways - we have a clear understanding that a good pizza requires excellent sauce and cheese - and of course it must be easy to make - because who has the power to knead for half an hour? So here it is a homemade pizza recipe that does not require too much effort. You can make it easily and it’s very tasty. But not just any homemade pizza recipe - This recipe includes one of the truly special sauces – because, if we are already making homemade pizza, we do not settle for just any tomato paste - but we'll invest a little more and we'll make a fine pizza sauce!

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Breaded Chicken

עוף בפרורי לחם

Breaded Chicken is a very easy dish to prepare even when compared to most of the roast chicken recipes. It is especially tasty and really loved by the children (adults too, right?). Need more reasons to make chicken Breaded Chicken? No? Well then let’s get to work.

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Cauliflower in the oven (Baked)

כרובית בתנור

There is no doubt the cauliflower is an excellent raw material for making a variety of recipes - soups, side dishes, sauces and more. This time we are ​​making baked cauliflower as a snack or a delicious appetizer. You can serve it on a huge dish on the table or buffet. This is a recipe for baked cauliflower with spices that give her an amazing crispy and great taste that kids love.

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Chicken with mushrooms and onions

עוף עם פטריות ובצל

This is an excellent recipe for those looking to diversify their chicken and give it some juicy flavors and spices other than placing it on the grill. As with any recipe of chicken (almost) this is an easy recipe to make, which has a "drop-and-forget" attitude. Simply put in all the ingredients, close the pot and go to bed for an hour - and when you wake you will have a ready dish of chicken with mushrooms and onions and a smell around the house to die for.

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Chicken breast with red peppers

חזה עוף בפלפלים

Isn’t it true that sometimes you have a chicken breast but you have no idea what to do with it? Chicken Breast is a project in itself and to start frying and everything else and all the dishes that stay on afterwords! ... So, here is a great recipe for chicken breast and red peppers, it’s very easy to make and very tasty. Despite the relatively long cooking - the chicken stays juicy thanks to the amount of liquid in the dish. In short - if you fancy a little change and refresh your chicken breast dish - it's a recipe for you.

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Lasagne with Mushrooms

לזניה עם פטריות

Lasagne is delicious, satisfying and not to forget, very easy to make for adults and children alike. It is always possible for anyone to talk any recipe, invest a little time and give it their own twist. So, although the traditional lasagne comes with bechamel sauce, ragu and plenty of other tasty ingredients, I am going to provide you with a dairy version that is to die for. If you are in the mood to upgrade this dish even more, feel free to throw in a handful of mushrooms. This dish is easy and simple to make, 5 minutes preparation and then 45 minutes in the oven and you have a full, wonderful dish. The recipe I am providing you with is for 6 people and is intended to be made in an oven proof dish. Ofcourse you can double and triple your numbers in accordance to your host list. To find out if your “pattern” fits, just place 3 lasagne sheets at the bottom. If they fit in good – the dish size is good!

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Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

כדורי בשר ברוטב עגבניות

The recipe I provide you with here may not stray far from the other recipes for meatballs in tomato sauce, but on the other hand I feel that this recipe is slightly different and easier to make in comparison to other versions. The meatballs themselves, I received the recipe from my mother in law and as usual made a few changes here and there. The sauce was created by my darling wife, who was looking for a quick and easy way to make tomato sauce that would suit meatballs without having to use any type of powders etc. As time passed, we managed to get to what we feel is the best outcome. I make this recipe each and every time I have ground meat in the fridge. The process of making these meatballs in tomato sauce is quick, easy and simple.

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Bolognese sauce

רוטב בולונז

Bolognese sauce or "ragu" is one of the Italian flag foods. Although it is known that every region in Italy has its own version of pasta sauce - (in our case this is a city of Bologna, the birthplace of Bologna). This is essentially tomato-based sauce with ground meat (usually lamb) and red wine that is placed in a pot for a few hours on very low heat and left to cook - leave it overnight in the fridge. The sauce I suggest that you, is slightly different to the original. It does not require 8 hours of cooking and wine (although whoever wants to - feel free to add) – Although slightly different, no less delicious. In addition, this recipe I use a can of soup. This is because (and here comes the scoop) in Italy there is not always fresh tomatoes, only a few times a year when the markets have fresh tomatoes, do they use them for the sauce. Otherwise they also used canned tomatoes. For those of you, who are lucky enough to have a few fresh tomatoes lying around, please feel free to use them!

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