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Spiced Chicken – in the oven

עוף בתבלינים בתנור

Spiced chicken in the oven is just perfect - less than a minute preparation, place in the oven - and out comes a crispy and super-delicious chicken dish! This is a great dish for a Shabbos meal or Friday night dinner, it’s also great if you are short of time but still want a great dish!

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Tomatoes stuffed with meat and mushrooms, covered with breadcrumbs

עגבניות ממולאות בשר ופטריות בכיסוי פרורי לחם

Here's a great idea for an appetizer for a holiday, a Saturday or a special event. If your planning to make a refreshing appetizer so special that it will leave a good taste in your mouth, try the following recipe for stuffed tomatoes. This is tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms and onions covered in bread crumbs - which gives a lovely crispy whole business. The recipe is easy to prepare (but takes quite a long time) - on the other hand it requires little fooling around so it can be made in parallel with the rest of the dinner dishes. In short - it is recommended.

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