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Sesame Chicken

עוף בשומשום

Sesame Chicken - the perfect Asian schnitzel - now in your very own kitchen! Chicken breast, thinly sliced into stripes coated in tempura and sesame. This dish is super fun, super easy to make and of course, super delicious!

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Chicken Nuggets with Tempura

חזה עוף בטמפורה בציפוי שבבי פאנקו

Here is a quick and simple recipe for chicken schnitzel, coated in tempura and panco “chips”! Panco “chips” are actually soft coarse bread crumbs and give fried chicken an amazing crispiness and tastes great. This dish is so tasty that you won’t be able to stop eating them, until they just disappear from the plate.

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Chicken breast in tempura with sweet and sour sauce

This dish of crispy chunks of chicken breast in tempura and stir-fried in a wonderful and tender sweet and sour sauce. Excellent combination of Japanese rice wine - sake with rice vinegar and honey - a combination that always works together!

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Chicken in Saki Tempura

חזה עוף בטמפורת סאקי

Saki tempura chicken is delicious dish with rich sauce accompanied by peppers and onions. This dish is for those who want to upgrade their chicken breast and turn it into a fine and juicy Japanese delicacy served on white rice. Sake is a rice wine that is used in many Japanese recipes and can be found in almost every super market. Its alcohol evaporates in cooking, so the dose is the same for children.

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Chicken Cubes in Sweet & Sour Sauce

קוביות חזה עוף ברוטב חמוץ מתוק

As you will have noticed - Asian cuisine is very close to my heart. Asian food is spicy and full of flavor and just no limit to the possibilities in this kitchen. This time I bring you one of my favorite dishes, chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce. It is the perfect dish for both adults and children. Due to the fact that we first off coat the chicken in tempura, it will then stay nice and juicy and not dry. What’s even more fun about this dish is that it is so easy to make and so delicious that the way the kitchen looks after cooking is completely worth it!

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