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Leek Patties

קציצות פרסה

Leek patties are rich and delicious. Suitable for a light dinner or appetizer for a dinner party. Serve at every opportunity! This flagship dish comes from my wife's grandmother in Bulgaria - the country of origin of the leek patties.

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Oven Baked Garlic Chicken

עוף בשום

Garlic is one of the great things in food. After cooking it releases is a great scent and provides wonderful flavors for every dish it’s in. So just imagine how wonderful this dish will come out. We take full garlic cloves and place them under the skin, in direct contact with the meat so it really absorbs that great taste. When cooked, the garlic becomes soft, slightly sweet and will melt perfectly upon the chicken. This dish of Garlic Chicken is super delicious and it won’t be long before you are licking your fingers!

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