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Chicken dish with rice and lentils

תבשיל עוף עם אורז ועדשים

A gorgeous chicken dish with rice and lentils and a lot of tasty extras! This dish is nutritious, tasty, filling and counts as one whole meal in just one pot. Chicken with rice and lentils is very suitable for family meals and those who want a great meal without going crazy!

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Peas in tomato sauce

אפונה ברוטב עגבניות

“Peas in tomato sauce” is a classic addition to a festive meal with chicken and white rice. It adds color, tastes great and smells great! It is recommended for Shabbos meals, holidays and as any great side at a dinner with schnitzel and rice.

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Sushi Sandwich

סנדוויץ' סושי

Sushi sandwich is a nice and convenient way to make sushi. I think that the sushi sandwich is way easier to make and a lot way more fun than the original sushi roll. Anyway - here is an impressive way with which you can make your sushi sandwich and serve it alongside the rest of the sushi on the tray!

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Potato in sweet chili and “Silan”

תפוחי אדמה בצ'ילי מתוק וסילאן

This recipe of potatoes in sweet chili and “silan” is an upgrade of a recipe I received from an excellent cook. The original recipe included potatoes, sweet chili and “silan”. My upgrade is trying to refine some of the sweetness with a touch of lemon juice and mustard. The reactions to my upgrade to the recipe were unanimous and thus, here is the recipe – so that you guys can also enjoy!

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Homemade burger

המבורגר ביתי

Everyone knows that the hamburger is one of the favorite foods of the world. The problem is that most people eat their hamburgers outside, without knowing what quality the meat is and what else they put inside. Due to the fact that hamburgers are made from minced meat, it is very important to take care when making the burgers. It's so simple and easy to prepare. True, a good juicy burger is prepared with fine minced lamb or entrecote - but these are not always available. Here you have a recipe for a hamburger you can make with regular ground meat you buy at the supermarket and usually would have at home.

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Coca Cola Chicken

Chicken is one of the most beautiful raw materials for cooking that one can find - because of its neutral taste. As a result - almost any dressing/sauce works. So after giving you a beer chicken recipe – here is another chicken recipe with a different drink - chicken in Coke. Chicken in Coke is sweet, crisp and delicious. Like all chicken recipes - it is easy to make and does not require too much sophistication. You can use your favorite type of soda - as long as it's not a diet (as we all know diet drinks are not suitable for cooking and break down in the heat). So if you want to surprise yourself and your guests with a sweet and delicious chicken recipe – here you go…

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Rice – Instructions for Perfect Rice

אורז מושלם מוכן אחד אחד

Are you tired of your rice coming out sticky? Have all the so called “tips” driven you insane? Here are, once and for all, instructions for making the perfect rice. Soft rice, tasty, non-sticky and not hard! The perfect ratio for this rice is 1 2/3 a cup of rice with 1 cup of boiling water - and use a wooden spoon only!

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The perfect steak – entrecote steak

The perfect steak – entrecote steak

Preparing the perfect steak is not difficult - it just takes a lot of patience and precision. A good entrecote steak is only turned once, season with coarse salt and ground black pepper and nothing else. Then you can add sauces - but not when grilling. The preferred level of a grilled steak is medium - and even medium -rare. It remains juicy on in the inside and nicely grilled on the outside! When talking about entrecote steaks, we are referring only to high quality, unprocessed and smoked entrecote. It should be approximately an inch and a half in order to sit on the fire comfortably!

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Potatoes with onions and mushrooms in the oven

תפוחי אדמה עם בצל ופטריות

This great side dish of potatoes, onions and mushrooms seasoned with a delicate but obvious presence - Excellent for any meal. Potatoes with onion and mushrooms in the oven - great smell, crisp texture and of course....super delicious!

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Shakshuka with Kabanos sausage

Shakshuka is a classic Mediterranean dish of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and onions that are cooked together. Here I present to you the recipe with an easy upgrade of Kabanos sausage that adds great flavor to the shakshouka and make it a real celebration.

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