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Chicken with olives and tomatoes

עוף עם זיתים ועגבניות

Chicken with olives and tomatoes is actually a Moroccan chicken dish. The dish is slightly sour with a lot of spices - and of course very tasty. Chicken with olives and tomatoes is a wonderful meal for family dinner. It is recommended to remove the skin of the chicken because it can then absorb the flavors of the dish much better.

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Proper Argentinean food, starting with Assado and many excellent meats and excellent sauces such as chimichurri sauce to equally excellent pastries stuffed with meat course. Empanadas are actually the Argentine interpretation of burekas which means a lot of great meat stuffed in a lot of pastry pockets! Original Empanadas tend to include raisins, hard-boiled eggs and all sorts of treats. For this recipe I tried to adjust the Empanadas to fir the Israeli taste, who are known to not really like mixing flavors so raisins and eggs were left out. The result is still excellent!

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