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Chicken Gyoza

גיוזת עוף ופטריות שיטאקי

Chicken Gyoza is stuffed with minced chicken, of course - but also other great things like shitake mushrooms, vegetables and spices. Chicken gyoza dumpling are actually half fried - half steamed. The result of course is supper-delicious! Do not worry - no special tools are required for the making of this dish, only a pan that has the appropriate sized lid. Dont forget about the work service. Preparation is not complicated - but requires some skill. Do not worry - if you follow the instructions you will quickly champion the chicken gyoza.

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Rice with Japanese omelet

אורז עם חביתה יפנית

White rice with "Tamago" (Japanese omelette) is a great addition to any meal, whether serving Chinese food or Japanese food - or any other meal. The Japanese omelet is slightly sweet and dark - and white rice with the addition of onions just tops it all off for one great dish!

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