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Vegan pasta sauce – sweet potato & tofu

פסטה בטטופו

This vegan pasta sauce is easy to prepare, delicious and very healthy. People who want to enrich their pasta with a rich, tasty and very filling sauce……enjoy!

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Chicken Salad

סלט חזה עוף

Chicken salad is a salad with leaves and slices of juicy grilled chicken breast. Gently spiced chicken breast prepared in a frying pan and keeps streaks in the luscious flavors - spicy citrus vinaigrette - sweet and special.

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Chicken with chickpeas

רצועות עוף עם חומוס ברוטב עגבניות

Chicken with chickpeas in tomato sauce is just amazing! The chicken is cooked with sauce in a pot, absorbing flavors and then turn the chicken into stir-fried and juicy strips in sauce with a little lemon juice….Super-Delicious!

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