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Couscous Soup

מרק לקוסקוס

I admit - one of the few foods I prefer to prepare from a bag is couscous. I know, the more prepared couscous is more tasty and nutritious. But really - Couscous from a bag is easier on my tongue (and easier to prepare ...). Couscous Soup - I will not make from bag or box or powder. I prepare couscous soup from vegetables, hummus and a slight sourness of lemon juice - that will make the bagged couscous - no less of a delicacy. So if you have found yourself in any cool evening, and you want a quick and nutritious soup - soup couscous with couscous is the best option for you. Generally couscous soup comes with chicken - but I personally prefer it without. For those who want chicken – add him in at the frying stage. Lazy people like me who love bagged couscous - it is recommended to prepare the couscous soup before - and use the water to make the couscous.

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