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Grilled chicken breast with roasted vegetables in an Asian sauce

חזה עוף בגריל מוקפץ עם ירקות ברוטב אסייתי

An especially healthy dish, chicken on the grill with fried vegetables in an Asian sauce is simply super delicious! The chicken breast gets nicely charred on the griddle pan, after that, it is fried and cooked with the rest of the fresh vegetables to make a balanced, healthy and delicious meal. The sauce was made with a kosher substitute and can be found in any oriental food store.

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Crispy egg roll

אגרול בציפוי פריך

Anyone know about the egg roll? A wonderful delicacy rolled with vegetables inside. So here's the upgrade that will turn your egg roll into amazing! - Crispy egg roll. They are crispy, tasty and surprising and very easy to prepare!

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Sushi Sandwich

סנדוויץ' סושי

Sushi sandwich is a nice and convenient way to make sushi. I think that the sushi sandwich is way easier to make and a lot way more fun than the original sushi roll. Anyway - here is an impressive way with which you can make your sushi sandwich and serve it alongside the rest of the sushi on the tray!

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Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli

חזה עוף אסייתי בתנור עם אורז וברוקולי

Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli – This is a wonderful dish which is rich, delicious and luxurious. Although baked in the oven, the chicken breasts remains juicy and full of Asian flavors whilst integrated with wonderful white rice and broccoli.

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Sushi Topped with Tempura and bits of Panko

סושי בציפוי טמפורה עם פירורי פאנקו

Tempura sushi is actually a standard roll sushi - crispy and delicious. It’s as easy to prepare as ordinary sushi – you won’t understand why they take so much money in restaurants...

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Chicken Cubes in a Sweet & Sour Glaze

קוביות חזה עוף בזיגוג חמוץ מתוק

I give you juicy chicken cubes in a sweet and sour glaze. So delicious and easy to prepare - it is not clear why we do not make them every day! After marinating the chicken, it stays tender and juicy - and with an Asian glaze gets a wonderful sweet and sour taste.

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Chicken in Saki Tempura

חזה עוף בטמפורת סאקי

Saki tempura chicken is delicious dish with rich sauce accompanied by peppers and onions. This dish is for those who want to upgrade their chicken breast and turn it into a fine and juicy Japanese delicacy served on white rice. Sake is a rice wine that is used in many Japanese recipes and can be found in almost every super market. Its alcohol evaporates in cooking, so the dose is the same for children.

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