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Hawaiian Wings

כנפיים בסגנון הוואי

Hawaiian Wings are particularly delicious that come with a sweet pineapple sauce. The combination of frying the wings with a tempura coating gives it the wonderful crisp and then mixing with the pineapple sauce, gives it that sweetness! Super easy to make, super fun to prepare and of course…super-delicious. Not much more to say apart from enjoy!

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Wings in the oven in a sweet sauce

There must always be a good reason to make wings in the oven rather than fried. So here's an excellent one! – Wings in a sweet sauce with a wonderful glaze and super-delicious!

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Wings in Soy Sauce and Sweet Chili – in the oven

כנפיים בצ'ילי וסויה

Here is a great recipe for those who do not want to fry the wings in oil or in general do not want to add more oil to the wings. The combination of wings with sweet chilli, soy and garlic - never disappoints. Now for the oven version - and possibly barbecue!

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