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Cheesecake with a Biscuit Base

עוגת גבינה עם בסקוויטים

Cheesecake with biscuits is a classic that we all used to make at school in the weeks and days coming up to “Shavuot”. It is simple, fun to make and obviously….super-delicious! This is also a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the preparation in the kitchen!

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious and easy to prepare. Classic chocolate chip cookies are made at home with the children for any purpose, such as hospitality, Shabbat and holidays or just for a nice treat.

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Maple Cake

Maple cake is a classic, sweet and of course….super delicious cake. Maple Cake is pretty quick and easy to make. It is recommended to use real maple and not imitations. The difference in taste is awesome!

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