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Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon

כדורי בשר עם תרד ברוטב פטריות ולימון

Meatballs in mushroom sauce with spinach and lemon is a wonderful, creative and tasty dish. Chopped spinach medallions are a great fit with the meat mix and the lemon gives a twist with the mushrooms in beef sauce complemented the flavors pure fun. Simple, fun and of course.....Super delicious!

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Meatballs with Red Peppers and Tahini

קציצות בשר עם טחינה ופלפל אדום

I give you meatballs with a surprising and refreshing combination of tahini, red pepper and garlic. Juicy, very tasty and quick and simple to prepare, this is an excellent dish for weekends and holidays. These patties are also excellent for kebabs for the barbecue - instead of frying, place on a BBQ over hot coals!

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Meatballs in mushroom sauce

כדורי בשר ברוטב פטריות

There are lots of versions for meatballs. The classic obviously being with tomato sauce, we have also given the recipe for meatballs with sweet chili. In addition to these I present to you one of the more successful meatball recipes, meatballs in mushroom sauce. This is a very easy recipe to prepare. Although he requires beef stock, you may use a powdered substitute for an equally tasty meal.

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Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

כדורי בשר ברוטב עגבניות

The recipe I provide you with here may not stray far from the other recipes for meatballs in tomato sauce, but on the other hand I feel that this recipe is slightly different and easier to make in comparison to other versions. The meatballs themselves, I received the recipe from my mother in law and as usual made a few changes here and there. The sauce was created by my darling wife, who was looking for a quick and easy way to make tomato sauce that would suit meatballs without having to use any type of powders etc. As time passed, we managed to get to what we feel is the best outcome. I make this recipe each and every time I have ground meat in the fridge. The process of making these meatballs in tomato sauce is quick, easy and simple.

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